Catch up – a week on an island

rowing across 1

After much anticipation waiting for the weather to improve, Sunday 18th saw a glassy calm loch before me in the late afternoon. Utter delight. Vital kit was packed into project dinghy and Johns’ support boat and we set off. The mile row across gave me time to absorb the stillness of the water and my happiness at making the final step to Isle Martin, a place I have observed from so many angles and have been acquiring information about.

row over map   kit to take rowing across 2 cal on look out

My notebook recalls the quiet, bird calls and the sheltered feeling that the harbour hamlet has. The keys the Trust gave me allow access to the Mill House where I am now resident, with the use of the Trusts information room in the Boat House for a studio. My days on the island are divided between the two buildings and the beach according to the weather and light

Mon: orientating myself, observing the beach from the raised beach, enjoying the sound of calling Oyster Catchers [calm, grey]
Tues: am steep climb looking for the water tank/ springs to turn water for the houses, no luck [sunny , hot] pm on the beach making notes setting up transect points on the beach for surveying[fog descends , followed by heavy rain and thunder] set up working in the Boat House testing out ways of stringing/lacing the litter together
Weds: am searched for water tank, fell in the bog but found a water tank only it serves a different building, [torrential rain] Set up Boat house with maps and information for High School visit. Beginning a map notebook

IM anticipation map IM fold up map

Thurs: High school visit [strong easterly wind] good engaging day,  hitched a lift to the mainland to buy supplies and a Dongle so as to be able to get internet connection.

Fri: Hitched a lift back to Isle Martin. Excited as I watched the laptop charge downloaded images but then charging stopped….. severe disappointment
Sat: am[clear, sunny] set about floating the first test litter lines in the harbour pm row across to Ardmair moorings to test computer battery connections.  Row back with another 12V battery [sunny, westerly wind, tide coming in] Tough going. Elated at making it!
Sun: laptop still not charging very frustrated[strong easterly winds all day] rowing not possible. Make notes about observations of litter line tests
Mon: Help arrives! Cables, battery and connectors tested non-functioning connector, duly cut off and strong new connectors fitted. Thanks to my wonderful support team ‘John’.  pm continued surveying the beach transect points. More details of key points to follow now I am back on line!
Many thanks to :
Isle Martin Trust for the access to the buildings and isle
John McIntyre for the loan of his Dinghy, a 12V battery, many cables and patience and persistence in making sure I have the power to keep the blog going
Ullapool Harbour Trust for ferrying the pupils to and from the Isle



One thought on “Catch up – a week on an island

  1. Hope you’ve finally found the water tank for the mill house or created a very large rock pool that you can catch rain water in, better still a car door or similar bit of metal detritus washed up set into the bottom of your rainwater collection pool with a gap below for drift wood and dried seaweed to heat the pool up for alfresco bath:0) Sounds like the island is proving to be a real test for technology let alone your biceps but this is such an important and ongoing subject that you are exploring, transforming and creating from, thank you for keeping at it.

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