1.#LitterCUBE visualisation

As many of you know I set up my Littoral Art Project in 2013 after walking onto a Scottish beach so thick with plastic litter that I feared drowning in it.

Building on the knowledge gained from my work on beaches, in schools, galleries and Parliament over the past 6 years. I am convinced that more people can be drawn into thinking about the VOLUME, CONTENT & COST of plastic pollution through encountering simple bold sculptures #LitterCUBES in unexpected public spaces such as harbours, streets and museums.

The #LitterCUBES will act as triggers prompting people to ask: What’s it made from?  What is it? Where is it from? How did it get into our seas & onto our beaches? Why does it matter that it’s in our environment?  What can we do to stop it getting there?

#LitterCUBES prototypes. J Barton.JPGI want to make 12 #LitterCUBES over the next year in coastal communities. Each Cube will be made from plastic litter items collected by commonly found litter of local beaches such as- mussel pegs washed ashore from aquaculture industry, strapping from fish boxes, cotton bud sticks reaching the sea through the sewage from householders in towns and cities, plus plastic bottles and plastic particles found on every beach resulting from every anyone and everyone.

Performance events will take place  when each CUBE is completed and when exhibited, I will be  encouraging public to help weigh the CUBES, calculate how many litres of oil each #LitterCUBE represents and how much money it would cost to replace each CUBE of plastic. Connecting Litter to the bigger environmental sustainability issues of our Economy, Finite Resources and Climate Change and encouraging us all to reduce our use of single use plastic which in turn will stop it escaping into the environment.

2.#LitterCUBES maquette & preparatory notes

#LitterCUBE costs include the artist’s time making (approximately 2-14 days per CUBE) plus the transport of materials, material preparation and the artists transport & subsistence costs while on location.

As of February 2019 I have raised approximately £11,000 towards the project and I am looking to raise another £I6,000 to be able to complete the whole project..  Any support you can give would be much appreciated.  You can choose to make a straight donation  using the orange DONATION  button on this page or by making a Purchasing Donation:

#LitterCUBE. mixed PE,PET,PETE polymer particles. J Barton (3)For a  donation of £200 you can receive a Particle #LitterCUBE  (5 X 5 x 5cm )

IMG_9789Limited edition #LitterCUBE prints (A2 ) are available for £ 50 each

In return for a donation of £100  you can receive a set of Island Charts (60 x 60 cm)

guide-to-beach-litter-image-1-2Everyone making a donation will receive a 12 page colour ‘Guide to Beach Litter’

Please e mail purchasing donation requests to  littoralartproject@btinternet.com