Thoughts on an Island

Even before you  land on Isle Martin you sense this is a very special place, nestled in Loch Kinaird, Oyster catchers calling out the news of your arrival to the  swallows, geese and larks. As I set about my residency on the island I am aware that  the community owned Isle Martin Trust are beginning to assess what might happen here over the coming years to  make the most of this island

contemplating island living

Contemplating Island living – Ullapool High School Pupils

As I go about my investigation here  I am noting down my thoughts about the island  and I used  some of the time that Ullapool High School  pupils where here last week  to find out what they already knew about the Isle Martin and to do some blue sky island thinking together with their teachers about what the possibilities are.

Pupils tinking about Isle Martin  Puil thughts on Isle Martin Pupil thughts on Isle Martin 2 pupils thoughts 2

Ideas for Isle Martin

The word maps show our combined ideas and observations of what the practical challenges  are , namely access to and from the island in rough weather, a good water supply and my all consuming challenge of the moment having a source of power.

arriving UHS Arriving small  rowing for water power
Thankfully for this evening the newly borrowed 12V battery is helping me to be able to write this post. Thanks to John & Sandy.


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