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Artist Julia Barton. Ocean plastic. 7 Offenders, 7 Locations.

Landscape poster with list of litter itemsArtist Julia Barton’s latest sculptures #LitterCUBES show the scale and nature of ocean plastic whilst highlighting the waste of finite resources of marine plastic.

7 Offenders. 7 Locations.

Volunteers will help Julia collect 7 offenders of plastic litter. Plastic bottles, fishing nets, fishing line, prawn boxes, mussel pegs, strapping and cotton buds with which she will make her #LitterCUBES. These will be shown in 7 seven locations around Scotland to highlight the volume and types of plastic and highlight the waste of finite resources involved in plastic productionA weekly time lapse recording of the making process in her studio will be available online.   

Shetland Environment Award

Julia has worked with Scotland’s coastal communities for over 6 years creatively investigating beach litter in many successful local projects. In 2017 she received a Shetland Environmental Award for her Littoral Art Project’s educational work and presented her findings to MSP’s at the Scottish Parliament in 2018. In 2019 Julia launches her new work #LitterCUBES whilst revisiting Isle Martin. In 2014 on Isle Martin she collected and mapped many kilos of plastic. Then with local volunteers wove the plastic into 300m lines which were towed by local skiff teams to the mainland to be recycled. So it feels appropriate to go back to launch her new work.

Isle Martin, Summer Isles, Ullapool

Artist Julia Barton will launch her latest project #LitterCUBES this Saturday 27th April on Isle Martin, the nearest of the Summer Isles, Ullapool. She will collect beach litter with volunteers and will show the making of the first of 12, large sculptures between 1pm – 3pm. There will be a community boat transporting people to Isle Martin leaving Ardmair from 11am. All welcome. 


Will form the centre of a series of interactive public art events around Scotland. Each #LitterCUBE telling a story of the source of litter, the type of plastic, its recycling potential and by weighing the sculptures Julia and participants will calculate the  energy value of the CUBES in terms of petrol and calories.

Interactive exhibiting events: Ullapool: 30th, 31st May 1st June,  Dunbar 20th,21st,22nd June,  Shetland: August, Arbroath 13th 14th September and Eyemouth 18th,19th,20th September

Thanks for donations from: many individuals, Eyemouth Marine Ltd, rag, Sheihallion, CALL, Ullapool Harbour Trust and support in kind from Eyemouth, Dunbar, Arbroath, Lerwick, Ullapool Harbours, An Talla Solais, North Light Arts, Swan Trust. Further funding is being sought. Donations welcome via

Note if you would like to join Julia for any of the events and/or are able to collect any of the items please get in touch 07977997605

 More information of the artist’s work visit @LittoralArt

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