NEO Terra: exhibition comments

Ullapool  2017  An Talla Solais Gallery  May 8 – June 18

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Gallery exhibition visitors book

Shetland  2016       Da Gadderie , Shetland Museum & Archives       Oct 8  – Nov 12

“Julia’s creative approach really makes you think about this serious environmental issue and how we can all influence the amount of litter entering the marine environment. The workshops she undertook throughout Shetland really inspired the children and made them think differently about the litter they collected and question what they can do about it” Sita Goudie, Shetland Amenity Trust Environmental Improvement Officer

Amazing! Really brings to life the problem of plastics in the environment. Austin Hamilton, Shetland News

Visitors comments (selection)

This is work that transforms how I experience the world. It has got under my skin and continues exact power long after leaving the gallery – very powerful and beautiful.  J Nixon

It’s an awakening to see the scale of plastic pollution in Shetland & the world! We can start here to make a difference.  I will try to be more mindful of disposal in the future. Maggie  Skinner

This is a fantastic exhibition. It is so very ambitious; attention to every detail makes it a pleasure to see as well as inviting. It is such a disturbing yet moving show &project. It needs to be& must be given more venues and more communities where the maritime environment are important should be clamouring to get Julia to work with them! Aberdeen maritime Museum?  Roxane Permar, Head of Fine Arts, UHI

Education Workshop feedback

I loved looking at the micro-plastics and finding out what it all was. It makes me sad to see all the plastic bits because it could really hurt animals  Ben  I thought it was really interesting. I learnt about different plastics. I didn’t know that plastics mould into rock. It made me think about rubbish and how bad it is for the environment. Fergus

I liked the map and all the detail on it. I also liked the animation. I think that we need to cut down on waste and maybe stop making so much plastic. I enjoyed dressing up as a scientist and working with the test tubes and microscope.  Ewan P7

Thank you for your insight and passion on the subject. With everyone working together we can make a difference Dunrossness Primary School Teacher          Great to see the culmination of a project involving schools, including ours. An ingenious and creative process with links to arts, science and words. Joyce Gordon (Nesting school teacher)