After a delayed  departure from Edinburgh on Sunday (due to a  wheel balancing epic) our journey north west went well and   I managed to to arrive at  Ullapool Museum on time (10 am)  to begin off loading the many packages making up the Future Fossil   ‘consignment’ .

museum sign with boxes  set up 1

arriving off loading IMG_3185 boxes in space

Now carefully arranging the space, and making decisions as to  how the different elements will be configured in the investigation space.


The selection of the best ‘ fossils’ found on Lochinver, Badentarbet and Ullapool beaches  last autumn with residents and pupils  has been made and they are now all now carefully  boxed and loaded up. It feels wonderfully appropriate for them to be the first ‘consignment’  to transported in my project van taking due care and attention to the vans  Vehicle Tray Layout instructions left by the Royal Mail. The numerous  boxes and display cases will be delivered to Ullapool Museum tomorrow morning to begin the installation of the  ‘Future Fossil  Collection’ the installation process can be viewed  by visitors to the museum Monday to Thursday and will be complete on  Friday The exhibition will run throughout May & June.

consignment CU boxes

consignment 2 tray layout


Sketched out thoughts - Isle Martin - Littoral Art Project

As I begin to kit out my mobile workshop for the project, I am breaking off to make notes about how to organise and carry out my expedition to Isle Martin. A wonderfully exciting prospect especially with the aim to tow the litter away from the island on World Environment Day. If anyone in the area has access to a boat and time on the 5th June  (its a Wednesday) to help tow the ‘Litter Rafts’ to the mainland your support would be much appreciated and  would help to make a big visual statement of what it’s possible to achieve. I am also looking for help/funding to film the ‘flotilla event’ on the 5th so that our event on the west coast  can be seen on line as part of the United Nations Environment Programme ( UNEP) record of the 2014  World Environment  Day events, they are looking for films to show case what can be achieved!   Please contact me with any suggestions. Many thanks.


Measurements for making an ex mail van into a project workshop are rapidly taking place in order to  kit out the space in  time to return to the west coast to be able to install the ‘Future Fossil Collection’  in Ullapool Museum, which will open to visitors on the 2nd May. The van will also provide  vital back up for my investigation on Isle Martin  and shelter throughout May and June. Progress reports to follow.

Van front sketch van measurements  plan  CU van calculations

Any hot tips on insulating and racking out a panel van gratefully received!