LOST: an exhibition exploring the connections between Marine Plastic Litter and Climate Change

Artist Julia Barton & Eden Court Theatre are keeping the COP26 #ClimateCrisis story alive and moving forward, by showing LOST an immersive installation in Eden Court’s Chapel this summer 2022.

Julia aims to show with graphic realism how plastic pollution directly contributes to our Climate Crisis, exploring the connections between marine plastic litter and climate change. Her work highlights the lost energy that Plastic Marine Litter represents in terms of litres of oil, making the often unseen or misunderstood links to fossil fuels.

The installation will feature a collection of #LitterCUBES, hand stitched and woven together by Julia and volunteers, from thousands of pieces of collected plastic beach litter, during 5 public engagement events around Scotland. A rolling film loop projected into the gallery space will cyclically illustrate the dripping-away of 100 litres of oil, representing the lost energy embodied in the #LitterCUBES     

A World Environment Day event 5 June 2022, led by Julia, Plastic@Bay and GreenHive Workshop, will encourage people to discuss #ClimateActions we can personally take, like changing our fossil fuel habits, lobbying to ban single use plastics and arguing for investment in national and local sustainable waste management.

Local Recycling climate actions will be promoted alongside the installation featuring: skipping equipment – made from washed up fishing ropes – benches – made from thrown away plastic toys – fence posts – made from ocean plastic pollution

Contact:  juliabartonartist@gmail.com