Plans are now rapidly taking shape for stage 2 of the project.

Exhibition of the ‘Future Fossil Collection’   has now been allotted a perfect space within the fascinating Ullapool Museum, designed by Telford. Space has also been designated for the inclusion of the  beach litter ‘Timeline’ created by pupils of Achiltibuie Primary School upon which they will place their own birth dates and the objects they found on their beach. The exhibition will open at the beginning of May.

Beach Litter Investigation is now set to take place on Isle Martin the closest of the summer isles in Loch Broom thanks to the permission of the Isle Martin Trust. The Island was once inhabited and then a RSPB reserve before coming into ownership of the community. I am delighted to becoming their first ’artist in residence’. A big thank you to them. While in residence I will be mapping and investigating what I find on the islands westerly storm beaches over 10 days, I will be joined by pupils from Ullapool High School on 2 of the days. After the surveying and mapping I will be collecting the litter into different material categories from which I will be make my litter rafts.

Recycling Journey with the help of skiff rowers (with a few of whom I recently ventured out onto the loch with) I am looking to tow the litter rafts to Ardmair Slipway for collection by the Highland Council recycling team. My aim is to document the journey of each of the rafts through the waste services – for recycling or not.

skiff test row 3    skiff test row 2-1

This second stage of the project is being funded through Crowd Funding and private sponsors as Creative Scotland unfortunately declined funding for this stage of the project even though it ‘understands the importance of the ideas contained in the littoral project and is aware of your ambition to bring those ideas to a wider public through your artistic work. Your proposal was considered to have met all of the fund criteria and would be an interesting project and follow up to the research and development that was supported by CS. However extreme over-subscription of the budget meant other applications were prioritised. It has therefore not been possible to support your project on this occasion. The total request for this round of funding was £5.3million with a budget of £1.1million.’

Creative Scotland has encouraged me to apply again, which I will of course do for the next stage of the project, but for now I am focusing on setting up and running the project activities above. As a consequence of the short fall in funding I will be asking for as much support as possible from the Ullapool community and my sponsors. Many thanks in advance!


As my crowd funding appeal reaches its conclusion in 24hrs I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has backed this project with donations and  who are supporting me in many different ways to make sure each of the this years events are a success. While I have just reached my target for this appeal any additional donations are very much welcome (as funding from Creative Scotland is as yet not assured).

sponsorship  thank you 2014 small file

The Sponsume link to my project is open until tomorrow March 22nd at 12 noon after that donations can be made via PayPal  using my project email

Please keep following the project here on the blog by clicking on the Follow button or on the  all comments and ‘Likes’ are much appreciated !

Littoral Art Project campaign

Please take a look at my video appeal for funding this years project plans which I am working towards taking place in May and June on the north west coast. I am trying to raise £200 more by next Saturday 22nd March to reach my target of £1,000. To see more details and donate click on:

Please pass on the link, there will be original relief prints as rewards for donations. Thank you to everyone who has already donated!



After the excitement of illuminating the plastic litter issue which is happening on our beaches, for the TEDx University of Edinburgh  audience I am now  head down working out how to make  my 2014 Littoral plans happen.

appeal 2 appeal 1 appeal 5 appeal 6 

appeal 3 appeal 4 appeal raise funds appeal 7

All my thinking and notes lead back to the need to raise funds in order to make to following happen:     

  • create and install an exhibition and installations for Ullapool Museum and town locations
  • carry out a beach litter investigation on a remote beach with volunteers
  • at the end of which I will construct ‘litter rafts’  that will be towed to a point for recycling
  • the process and outcome of which will be documented and    reported

Hence my big sponsorship request which I have set up with Sponsume an  on line crowd funding site, the link below leads you to my  video appeal and details of what you will be funding and the relief prints I will be making and offering as rewards for donations. Please pass the link on to anyone you think might be interested. Any other ideas of how/where t raise funding would be much appreciated.