Investigation Exhibit

compilation  specimen cabinetwith words copy

My investigation into beach litter  around Ullapool  and beaches along the Coigach and Assynt coast this autumn was completed this week . An Investigation Exhibit is now on show at the Macphail Centre, displaying evidence of various types of litter found including a selection of ‘future fossils’ under magnification and specimen bottles ready for analysis to determine the  type of plastic they are made from and how long they would last in the marine environment. I am intending to show all our findings  and resulting artworks as a temporary installation at the Ullapool Museum and in a range of  locations throughout the town in spring.

2 thoughts on “Investigation Exhibit

  1. Thank you for following the beginnings of this investigation. I agree litter is a seriously fascinating issue. I am now just beginning to assess what I have learned from my investigation and to consider the next step for the project. I will be putting up more images of interventions and work made over the coming weeks as I put together my .research report. Let me know what you think!

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