Closer examination

Arriving back at the A.T.S laboratory a closer examination began with  a significant help from Portfolio Students studying at An Talla Solais .  The largest stone appears to hold a  cross section of all the objects we are likely to find on nearby beaches.

sorting the finds  breaking in to the big stone   braking in 2  students opening big stone  

Tobacco pouch, plastic bag, rope,  cotton wool bud sticks. …..

inside the stone  cataloguing samples  samples waiting for categorisation  boxed specimen

The initial job of cataloging this weeks finds of our ‘ future fossils’ is now underway with samples being subject to  identification, to ascertain its possible origin followed by magnification, to establish the category of material such as polypropylene or polyethylene  which helps to determine the  timeline  of the object.

Specimens which cannot be identified are being boxed up and sent to the expedition consultant  Professor  Cowie at the Millport for further analysis. It is hoped that the full picture of what we have discovered this week will be revealed in the spring. Until then an initial display of the finds made along the coast over the past week can be seen at the Macphail Centre in Ullapool.

One thought on “Closer examination

  1. Fascinating. Did I miss something or is it a mystery how these objective have turned to stone in such a short period of time?

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