The Back Story

Where did the strange rocks on the beach appear from ?

The tens of  ‘stones/rocks’ found on the beaches at Lochinver, Achiltibuie and Ullapool where cast by me at the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, using plaster  each containing a different object/s which came from the beaches I placed them on.

stones together wide

Each ‘stone’ was shaped in clay and cast in two halves to ensure we could open them to reveal the ‘fossils’.

The process of discovering and examining the stones certainly focused attention on the type of materials that litter the beaches.  Each beach litter fossil was discussed and identification notes made:  i.e.  material, location found, estimated date it could  be found if left on the beach e.g.  plasic rope  2413, aluminium container 2213,  cigarettes with plastic filters 2033, plastic carrier bags 2053, glass bottles ……

future fossil  future fossil 2

The full Littoral Future Fossil collection will be on show in the spring along with prints,  installations of timelines and littoral art project products such as postcards, posters and mugs …..a whole new range of holiday memorabilia  with an underlying message, don’t leave anything behind on the beaches, take care of our beautiful fragile environments.

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