Cracking open the evidence

cracking open the stones  pening fossils together

Looking for a weakness in the stones we began to tap a way in order to carefully see if there was any evidence held within the stones. The stones broke easily with our fossil hammers, chisels and scrapers.

gregor close up foil food container smoking fossil fossil

Quite quickly we began to see that the stones held vital evidence in our beach litter investigation with materials from cigarette fibres, plastic caps, a lighter, fishing line to an aluminium food container. We discussed who might have dropped the evidence  originally and and how to came to be encased in stones like the fossils seen in the Geopark and museum.  It was decided to that the only way to understand what we had  found was to forensically  test our  samples. To do this we set off to the A.T.S temporary laboratory  with our array of specimens.

fossil cahe

  box passing Caley oil me and trolley box of stones  the walk up up hill  to the lab.

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