Ullapool stone cache

My last beach search on this trip to the west coast  took place today on the west shore  of Ullapool harbour  where  we  found many more  odd looking stones .  One of which was so big we had to borrow a sack trolley to transport it along.

ullapool cache   biggest stone found   carrying bggest stone  big stone on trolley

While pushing the trolley  along West Shore I received a call from the Ullapool CSI team  working unbeknown to us on the east side of the pier.

DI phoning CSI team gilly searching notes & photos

They informed me that they had found  three odd stones which I should take a look at . Sure enough they appeared to be of the same type as the ones we had collected so we compared notes of locations they were found in and we decided to crack open a few of the stones to see if there were also similarities within…..

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