Further finds at Badentarbet

Yesterday children from Achiltibuie School braved the gale force winds at Badentarbet beach to help me continue the hunt for more stones with their teacher and Highland ranger Melanie Gaff. The cold  encouraged us all to focus well and we  quickly managed to locate and collect 7  orange coloured  stones

DSCF2534     IMG_0825  DSCF2539 - Copy  IMG_0836 - Copy

We also collected stones we normally find on the beach  which Meanie was able to tell us about which helped us to begin to sketch out the  prehistoric history of our time line after which we began to crack open the stones to see what they held within. On Friday I will collect more samples at Ullapool Harbur Beach and all will be taken to the lab at An Talla Solais.  Please join us  at 10.30 am on the beach and 1pm at An Talla Solais.

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