100m along the strandline

I am now engaged in the process of  cataloguing all the information I collected while based in Ullapool.  I recorded  the beach litter along 100m of the strandline  on  15 beaches in the Wester-Ross  and Sutherland areas.  During the walks I tried out different ways of recording litter, using tally systems  [ bottle tops III , aluminium cans  II etc].  I experimented listing materials then specifying the object.  I will continue to work out the final format over the coming weeks/months.

Port A Bhaigh strandline walk-1                   Rhue beach litter          strandline PDF

Whichever way you look at it the lists make sober reading when keeping in mind they are from such beautiful beaches found around Loch Inver and Loch Broom, all seemingly ‘clean and pristine beaches, until we look more closely.

White  Beach       rhue beach     MOREFIELD BEACH - Copy

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