The first orange was  found  on Monday 14th of October

Hello Julia   I found an orange yesterday! This one between Ullapool point and Rhue. Coordinates to follow.   Picture attached (below) A few day later he wrote back   I took the skiff rowers on a search along the shore of the loch opposite Ullapool this evening but found no oranges. I’ll continue to look .   John


The co-ordinates that John e mailed me have located the first orange to have been found along Morefield beach below.

Map of 1st orange found

The photograph of the orange was entitled ‘UP’ i.e. the code on the oranges released at Ullapool Point. So  our Orange experiment has shown how quickly (3 days or less) litter dropped on the beaches around Ullapool could end up on a beach  further west. Reminding me of the saying that a visitor to my studio noted down for me ‘ Don’t throw it away. There’s no away’

OS writing a comment

I’m hoping for more sightings. Please keep looking !  Remember don’t eat the evidence , compost it!

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