Reflect and review

My 4 weeks in Ullapool have been incredibly busy. I have met many wonderful people keen to help me learn about litter along the nearby beaches. I am so grateful for the positive response I have received for my project,  the warm welcome and fantastic west coast hospitality.  Massive thanks to people popping into my studio at An Talla Solais, volunteers, teachers and pupils from all the schools, ecologists, marine biologists, conservationists and fellow artists.
studio wide

I am now pausing to reflect and review the vast amount of information I have collected, ideas that are jotted down on maps, photographs, notebooks and the walls of my studio at An Talla Solais.

stuio shoulder shot studio detail 2 studio detail 1 studio detail

At the beginning of November I will return to install temporary artworks in a variety locations in Ullapool in response to my research.

One thought on “Reflect and review

  1. hello Julia. My Mum passed on her copy of the RSPB magazine to me this weekend, Winter 2013 issue, now called Nature’s Home, and it has a feature called ‘The problem with plastic’. Haven’t read it yet, but when I have will send it on to you. A statistic on an image of gannet with bailer twine stuck around its neck reads: ’18: the amount of plastic in tonnes on the Grassholm gannet colony, according to a 2011 suvey by Pymouth University and the RSPB’.

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