NEO Terra – building awareness

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NEO Terra is now host to pupils across Shetland, by the end of the week 12 schools will have visited.  Some  brilliant observations are being made and thoughts provoked.

‘I had great fun I enjoyed drawing the islands and thinking of names of islands’ Reece & Declan

‘I really liked the animation’ Ayla, ‘I found the micro-plastics interesting & finding what it all was’ Victoria & Emily          ‘This was incredible art’ Ben P7 Dunrossness School

‘This has been a shocking eye-opener into what is happening to our planet. It certainly ‘fires’ the next generations awareness’ Sandra Hays teacher

img_3925  img_3935

Pupils also shared work that they had developed after our workshops in the spring. Aith High School pupils worked with their art and biology teachers to produce both art and written work . Their work both wonderfully highlights what actions and innovations are being taken to change the situation  and will be added into an Island of HOPE which I’m asking everyone to contribute to in the final week of the show!

img_3826Primary pupils made postcards about the ‘future Fossils’ they found and examined with us in spring and brought in letters of response to their Return to Sender workshops.

‘Thank you for your insight & passion on the subject. With everyone working together we can make a difference. Good Work’ Charlotte & Lynn


To conclude the exhibition this Saturday  between 1-4pm I will be projecting the results of the beach sample investigation that has been taking place over the life of the exhibition. Please join us if you can or follow on twitter @LittoralArt

Thanks to all the pupils for coming and taking part and to the teachers & Trust officers Sita & Jane for their help in facilitating a complex set of activities.

One thought on “NEO Terra – building awareness

  1. Wonderful record of the children engaging with Neo Terra,Julia. Thinking of you very much as you reach the final day – what a journey – and am sure you will be back in Shetland before too long. much love, Jan

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