casting votes for beaches 1

Over the last few weeks I have carefully cast my marks within the ‘littoral zones’ of our coastline.Marks  writ large on Luce Bay (Dumfries) with lines of washed up plastic gun wads threaded together

casting votes for beaches 2

Bold marks made with washed up sections of plastic prawn boxes

mixed col X white X Purplr & white X

Blue X red X green X

Small marks on Portobello beach using beach-goers litter, spoons, pens, cotton bud sticks , plastic stirrers plus commercial fishing tags and cord. These marks are addressed to all the party’s regardless of their colour.

Please cast your vote for the marine environment and the arts today @LittoralArt #cleanseas #cleanbeaches    Check out what the Littoral Art Project is doing, send me your comments, press the follow button on this page and consider supporting funding the work of this project.

Above all vote for a cleaner and creative world!

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