Campaign Trail…..heads west

Campaign trip 2draft

The count down to the close of my kickstarter appeal to fund the production of  a ‘Guide to Beach Litter’ is fast approaching  4thMay (11pm BST )

Responding to a backers comment that  ‘ I think your project is important and really interesting. We were down in Dumfries and Galloway recently after very high tides and there was mounds debris on the beach’ I have decided to take the project  van out to investigate and campaign  this weekend May 3-4th on the beaches of  Dumries & Galloway beaches.

This is an area of the coastline I don’t know well so please contact me by leaving a comment below/ or email  me with  specific suggestions beaches to  visit – I do need to be able to park the van close by so I can invite people to join me to  identify beach litter items and to make a large identification chart on the beach and to discuss the dangers they pose to wildlife , us and the wider environment.

I will encourage  visitors to  use Littoral Sci-Art Unit microscope, lenses and to carry out simple experiments and to share their observations cast their vote for Cleaner Seas and make a pledge to help the production of the ‘Guide to Beach Litter’

Please join in this campaign and send in comments photos from your beaches to me at

Take a look at the Appeal


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