Final selection and planning ………..

The last few days  have involved tightly focused  collections from the beach in order to make sure that I only select the 12 items that I  selected to make my lines from,  to enable me to complete the  construction of  my lines before the ‘tow off’ on Thursday

casps in tray more bottles cord to stitch with  stitching

Commercial items such as rope , prawn boxes, gun cartridges, and domestic items such as bottles and  caps . The items are the most commonly washed up and the the ones that I have found  methods to simply link them together by piercing, drilling threading and stitching. The unselected litter such as the mounds of tangled rope and random objects will be bagged up and carried to the mainland in the boat. All the litter line and bags are to be picked up n Friday Morning by the Highland Waste Services

As I called a halt to more collections yesterday, I am now turning to testing making lines on the waterand organising where to take photographs from to capture the event.  And the all important letting people  know the where and when of the day.  A rough schedule will be posted today, please pass this information onto anyone you know who is involved.  For those following further afield please let people know about the event and support our World Environment Day by commenting on the blog and twitter @LittoralArt. She you tomorrw weather permitting!




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