Sunday Collection

This afternoon I had a wonderful visit from four Ullapool friends to assist me in making my Sunday collection of litter from the Back Beach.

Sunday collection

help carrying my bottle assembled  bottle lines back to the beach sorting the collection DSCF7482
It was great to have help to carry the plastic bottle lines already assembled back to the beach and to share what I have come to know about the beach with them and to discuss the sheer depth of the litter that pervades beaches like this even when they look seemingly clean. After many sweeps of the beach collecting bottles, caps, cans, ropes, gloves polystyrene, melted plastic we quickly sorted and carried our nets of objects back to my temporary workshop.

DSCF7497 DSCF7504 300 tops threaded farewell
By the end of the afternoon we had threaded over 300 caps onto approximately 25m of plastic cord and line before we  had a well earned snack before my friends boarded Johns elegant ‘ferry’ back across the loch. Watching them leave I wished for the loch to be as still as it is tonight on Thursday for towing the lines to Ardmair.


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