2014 is looking to be an exciting year for my Littoral project, building on last year’s research on the beaches around Ullapool.

I will soon be setting up an interactive installation for the Edinburgh TED talks on the 21st February. Conference  goers will be invited to engage with beach litter objects and leave suggestions of how to address the issue in my ever increasing collection of plastic bottles. Their messages will be shared on line.

In spring I intend to begin cleaning and cataloguing  the ‘litter fossils’ found on beaches in Ross-shire with residents and pupils last autumn to create a Future Fossil Collection for display in the Ullapool Museum and  to other  finds and works around the town.

 1.Littoral exhibition proposal 1.J Barton   2.Littoral exhibition proposal 2 J Barton

In the first week of June (following on from the exhibition) I will be leading what I hope will be a high profile beach litter investigation and clean up on a remote beach along the Ross-shire coast inspired by comments of Ullapool resident John Mcintyre   ‘The problem is not only on the far side of the world where we are almost powerless to solve it, but here, where we can solve it now.’

3. Littoral event proposal  J Barton

After the survey and mapping the collected litter will be turned into sculptural ‘litter rafts’ to be towed by skiffs and sailing crafts to the nearest landing point, and collected by Highland Council Recycling Team.  I will follow the  recycling outcomes of the materials collected and post  the outcomes.

Needless to say this is going to take lots of organisation, volunteers and of course some funding. So please keep following the blog for news and ways to help.  Happy New Year !

One thought on “2014

  1. How good that you will be able to bring your work to the attention of the people attending the TED talks in Edinburgh; certainly an audience of movers and shakers but more than that thinkers who may well be able to put you in touch with further contacts to aid the next beach ‘adventure’.

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