I am often asked how I continue to work with marine litter year after year, fortunately I have a counterbalance, my love of seaweed. Seaweed has proven to be a beautiful counterbalance and antidote to my work with plastic beach litter. I recently shared my story with the Marine Conservation Society and Salvage Scotland.

Seaweed enjoyment photo: @paulbartondop

Over the coming months I will be featuring exciting plans for the re-scheduled ‘Isle Martin Seaweed Festival’ #YCW2020 now taking place in 2021. I talk more about the festival in my recent conversation with John Ennis, Curator of Salvage Scotland’s Design Journey Journey to Isle Martin with artist Julia Barton .

Journey to Isle Martin with artist Julia Barton

To read more of my balancing act with litter and seaweed, visit the Marine Conservation Society Magazine  for my interview with Clare Fischer ‘Seaweed, Science and Installations’.  

Working on #LitterCUBES photo: @paulbartondop

While I continue to weave and thread marine litter, I will share my love of seaweed on Instagram @juliabartonartist  

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2 thoughts on “Counterbalance

  1. Fantastic, Julia. I love the idea of the beauty of seaweed counterbalancing the mess of the litter. Congratulations on the interview with John Ennis – excellent to hear you talking about your creative work over the decades. Helen O’C

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