2 thoughts on “Inspiring…..

  1. Hello,
    We would like to get involved here at Dunbar Primary School. I run the Senior Eco Group, with 20 children from P4-7. Happy to help collect litter and to get involved in any way we can. Please get in touch.
    Aileen Kelly, DPS, Lochend Campus

    1. Thanks for getting in touch Aileen, that would be wonderful of you to do some litter collecting for me. The two main materials I will be using in Dunbar are plastic drinks bottles you find on every beach and the net end pieces you find particularly on and around the harbour. It would be great to talk through opportunities of working with you specifically when I’ll be working in Dunbar between 11-23rd June. I will email . Great to have such a positive response from the Dunbar Community! Julia

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