Guide to Beach Litter


The Littoral Art Project’s ‘Guide to Beach Litter’ written & produced by artist Julia Barton will be launched at the   Artists’ BookMarke Saturday 25 February, 2017Sunday 26 February, at The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, 11am–5pm. Free entry.

The Guide is a useful informative educational tool that with clear colour images helps to identify 40 different types of litter often found on beaches around the UK. It highlights the problem of beach litter and how understanding it better is the first step toward solving it.


The reverse side answers a series of pertinent questions regarding the ever-increasing volumes of litter found on beaches and in our marine environment: What kinds of litter are there? Why does it matter? Where does it come from? Who is responsible? How long might litter last? With a section dedicated to taking action and  providing further  useful information.


Come along to celebrate the launch of the ‘Guide to Beach Litter’ and help to promote the word about the Guide. I am looking for bookshops, museums, and visitor centres to stock the Guides, if you would like to place an order please get in touch via the comments box below or mail  All comments posted about the Guide much appreciate. If you send a review in or place orders for 10 copies you will receive a free Guide! Retail price per Guide is £3 each, plus £1 postage & package (please ask for postage costs if ordering multiple copies ), trade discount for shops/resale.

img_4344  img_4340

This year I will be showing works at the  Artists’ BookMarkewith fellow environmental artist Kate Foster, our books stem from our current themes of marine and wetland conservation respectively and focus on our fascination with the organisms that inspired our work – seaweeds and mosses.

artists-entanglement-with-polymers-on-the-shorelineEntanglement: an artist’s strandline journey with Polymers, Wracks and Laminaria

The selection of books I will  be showing with the Guide, include books comprised of drawings made responding to collections made in Shetlands Littoral Zones, made while artist in residence at Sumburgh Head Lighthouse and ideas developing over the last 4 years walking the strandlines of NW Scotland. All proceeds made go to help support the development of the project reaching more communities.

Artists’ BookMarke Saturday 25 February, 2017Sunday 26 February, at The Fruitmarket Gallery, 45 Market Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1DF   11am–6pm, Sun 11am–5pm. Free entry.

5 thoughts on “Guide to Beach Litter

  1. Hi Julia, How can I get copies of the ‘Guide to Beach Litter’ ?
    I’m trying to get up fro 13th May !!!

    1. Hi
      just let me know how many you want & I will send !
      Someone suggested selling through Amazon . But looking for help with distrution .. Julia

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