NEO Terra – reports back

Visitors to NEO Terra  have taken time to record their responses to seeing the New Land an archipelago of plastic islands stretching across the PLASTIC OCEAN and appearing in the POLYMER SEA . 


Beautiful work, great to work with Julia, truly inspired. Kirsty (UHI fine art student)

I feel sorry for the animals and nature. Well made   ID

Very worrying but excellent exhibition, thought-provoking   S Mathieson

Thank you this is an outstanding exhibition  IP

Well done, fascinating & so worrying C Hill

Amazing! Really brings to life the problem of plastics in the environment Austin

Important wonderful work well done Julia


Incredibly important work Julia inspired and inspiring. Congratulations. J Ashdown

Thought provoking installation R Priest

Interesting but very worrying

Memorable and so unsettling A Williams

Stunning – thank you for bringing to life the destructiveness of man. C B


Thought provoking and shocking, Great exhibition. K Hubbard

Fantastic, interesting, informative excellent exhibition. E Bennet

Stunning work which has an impact on so many levels, emotional visceral, acerbic, and cognitive      – very powerful and beautiful. J Nixon

Once I found a 6 foot diameter ball oaf plastic strapping, would have tangled up boat, seal or turtle. Criminal!    W Johnson

Great vision Timely exhibition – very acute, Will re visit  N Heth

Had a wonderful discussion with Julia about her work. The presentation especially the film is incredible work.     R & N Carlin Ontario Canada


Fantastic exhibition. Hard hitting video piece is really good. C Slater

Loved this display and is actually quite eye-opening once you see it laid out , about what pollution is doing. Very easy for children to understand as well which makes it even better. Would like to see more like this.  Fiona Livingston

It was amazing thank you for showing us  K McCormack (12)

Fairly brings home, the amount of damage being done to the world and the legacy we are leaving for the generations to come.  McCormack

Great to see the culmination of a project involving schools, including ours. An ingenious and creative process with links to arts, science and words. Plastiglomerates mimic rocks – distinguishing reality can be an interesting concept.    Joyce Gordon (Nesting school teacher)

Brilliant, multi-layered work, engaging, imperative – works at so many levels Judith Edinburgh

You walk on a beach & notice debris, flotsam /jetsam. Two or three days later you walk onto another beach & again notice the same. But you somehow do not notice the accumulative damage which this display brings to your conscious! Jim B Lerwick


Glad to have had the opportunity to talk to so many visitors, to hear their own observations about local beaches, their outrage at what we are witnessing and their support for finding new ways to show the critical need for change. 

Please keep writing in Da Gadderie and here on line.  How  do we bring about change?

I will be in the gallery on Friday afternoons  2 – 4pm analysing the beach samples, visitors welcome.

Thanks to Alistair Hamilton for the following review: The Littoral Project: An Exhibition That Worries, Provokes, Inspires |

2 thoughts on “NEO Terra – reports back

  1. Dear Julia

    I so wish I could be there and see it. Could you please send some photos?


    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Hi Inge – Thanks for your comment. Much appreciated. Head down Trying to get coverageand find places for the exhibition to tour to but will send images ! Wish you could come too. Julia

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