NEO Terra : exhibition invitation


You are cordially invited to the opening event of  Neo Terra 

Da Gadderie  Saturday 8th October    12 noon – 2pm

Neo Terra is the culmination of three years research investigating plastic marine and beach litter. The installation uses less obvious often unrecognised plastic litter ‘plastiglomerates’ collected on the beaches of Shetland and Ross-shire.

The accompanying animation Terra Nova made in collaboration with Shetland film maker JJ Jamieson, illustrates the origins of the plastiglomerates and the disturbing nature of the global plastic pollution issue.

Julia hopes her work will encourage people to take a new look at the scale, nature and consequences of this environmental issue and what we can do to tackle it. Visitors are invited to use the interactive area to take a closer look at beach samples collected from around Shetland and to see the photo-documentation of workshops facilitated by Julia and Shetland Amenity Trust’s Dunna Chuck Bruck anti-litter team with 15 schools across Shetland this spring.

Littoral – the zone between the low and the high tide marks

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2 thoughts on “NEO Terra : exhibition invitation

  1. Dear lovely I really hope the artworks are going well and all getting there for the opening of the show. What an amazing committment yoiu have made to this project. You are truley an amzing artist and an amzing person, so many people would have given up. Be really proud of yourself honey…be really proud indeed. I so so wnat to be able to see the work, you must send me some images. I really look forward to when we can speak. I will be thinking of you when the exhibition opens…it is the day I mleave west dean and my week of teaching. Much love honey and well bloomin done babe Jilly xx


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