Shetland Notes 2: Perspective

I am excited to at last be making my animation idea come to life with film maker JJ Jamieson here in Shetland.  Originally conceived on Isle Martin 2 years ago the animation will be an integral part of my exhibition ‘Neo-Terra’ at Da Gadderie (Shetland’s museum & archive) in the autumn


With such perspectives Shetland is the perfect place to be creating a film about a newly discovered archipelago.

srrounded by coastlines

With a sea/land interfaces all around. I am constantly stopping on route to take seascape and coastline shots to add to my  reference shots of the Summer Isles in Ross-shire, recorded there last month . All of these shots are  helping me to construct my island sets.

animation prep

Preparation of the sets is taking place at my temporary workspace appropriately at a recycling unit  Enviroglass a Shetland Amenity Trust enterprise, where glass bottles are crushed and used as aggregate to make concrete products

best filming shot  rendering shots

The plan is to make 2 min long animated film using footage from both the Summer Isles and Shetland. Over Ninety percent of the materials being used are recycled materials, the majority of which have been collected from the beaches here and in Ross-shire.

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