Invitation to Encounter Deep Time

Over the last 6 months I have  attended a fascinating and challenging series of  workshops and keynotes lectures organised by the Edinburgh Environmental Humanities Network  entitled

Unexpected Encounters with Deep Time

This week I am delighted to be joining the first workshop panel on Haunted Futures where I will share my encounter with Deep Time within the littoral zones of the Scottish coastline over the last 3 years and the haunting affect the experience has had on me as an artist , educationalist and activist

I intend to share imagery from my recent expedition trip to Isle Martin that reveals the ghostly presence of the Plastiglomerates, ‘rocks’ made from burning our discarded plastic waste and how camoflauged within the beach substrates they chillingly link  us  to distant geological times  both in the past and future.

plastic rock reveal copy

The workshop is free and open but it is essential to book through Eventbrite, I hope you might be able to join us

Unexpected Encounters with Deep Time: Haunting
9-5pm, Wednesday, 20th April 2016
Project Room, 50 George Square, University of Edinburgh

Please register for this event via this link:



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