Good News

This week I had confirmation that Creative Scotland have awarded Open Project Funding towards a Littoral Art Project Exhibition which will take place in Shetland in October 2016 and in Ullapool in 2017.

CS logo 1 copy    Rhue polystyrene copy

I am utterly delighted that I can begin to put outline plans to make the work  into action. The award covers 27% of my estimated costs, so there is still more to raise but many individual supporters and organisations have also generously made promises of support in kind and my Shetland partners  the Shetland Amenity Trust are also seeking funding. I will be including a full list of supporters on the Sponsorship page, along with a list of items and  help still needed to make the exhibition successful.   The fund raising will continue so if you have any ideas  of who might help please get in touch!

plastic rocks     Plastic Rock

I plan to begin my process of making work by collecting materials I intend using for my installation, firstly ‘plastic rocks’ each piece will be Grid Referenced and catalogued.  As usual I will be inviting people to join me in collecting  along beaches. Dates and locations to be announced. If you are doing any beach walks/cleans in either the Northwest Highlands or Shetland GeoParks – please keep any plastic rocks you find on the beaches with a note of where you picked it up and I will collect from you .

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