Kickstarter Appeal

Littoral – Kickstarter Appeal 2015

I am planning to use the information I have collected over the last 18 months on beach litter, to make a  series of contemporary artworks for a Littoral Art Project multi-media exhibition

I am asking for your support to produce a key part of this exhibition, a laminated colour
Guide to Beach Litter                             

The guide will help facilitate workshops with community groups that I am scheduled to work with as the exhibition is created and tours Scotland over the next 2 years. The locations are as follows; Shetland, Inverclyde, Ullapool, Peterhead and Edinburgh.

Rewards for your donation include copies of the Guide to Beach Litter and key rings made from items of up-cycled beach litter marked with the location they were recovered from.  Please click on the link below for more details and pass on to friends, colleagues and post on appropriate websites/blogs.   Your help is much appreciated.   Thank you


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