Relocating a Timeline

My installation at the museum continues to grow and develop daily and on Thursday the children from Achiltibuie Primary School brought their Timeline to the Museum. Unraveled the Timeline now stretches a good 10 metres along the back of the central pews of Ullapool Museum ( a Telford Church), the line itself is made up of lengths of washed up rope. We re-positioned the stones we found on the beaches in relation to the beginning of the world and to then checking their own positions on the line according to their birth dates we then hung the objects we found on the beach last autumn at the points in time that they might disintegrate and disappear if left on the beach.

timeline unravelled   using the space   refernce draws  whole group
Together we recalled the investigation process they undertook with me last year surveying quantifying and analysing who was responsible for different items, all of which will form part of the project folder on view in the Museum next week. In the short time we had the children worked hard to reacquaint themselves with the meaning and significance of the of the Timeline they had brought with them coiled up in a bag and how they might explain the Littoral Art Project investigation process to a group of children from the Ullapool Primary School children. They made full use of the installation in their presentation to the delight of myself and the teachers and by the end of the afternoon their was a great sense of achievement from all. With Museum staff complimenting us on how wonderful it was to hear such excitement in the Museum and to have such an unusual exhibit to offer visitors .

presentation  explaining fossils
The idea is that the Ullapool Primary School will now come back to the museum to examine the Fossil Collection themselves and to use the investigative space to examine and consider the beach litter and its consequences. Who knows they might come up with ideas which might help in future!


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