After the excitement of illuminating the plastic litter issue which is happening on our beaches, for the TEDx University of Edinburgh  audience I am now  head down working out how to make  my 2014 Littoral plans happen.

appeal 2 appeal 1 appeal 5 appeal 6 

appeal 3 appeal 4 appeal raise funds appeal 7

All my thinking and notes lead back to the need to raise funds in order to make to following happen:     

  • create and install an exhibition and installations for Ullapool Museum and town locations
  • carry out a beach litter investigation on a remote beach with volunteers
  • at the end of which I will construct ‘litter rafts’  that will be towed to a point for recycling
  • the process and outcome of which will be documented and    reported

Hence my big sponsorship request which I have set up with Sponsume an  on line crowd funding site, the link below leads you to my  video appeal and details of what you will be funding and the relief prints I will be making and offering as rewards for donations. Please pass the link on to anyone you think might be interested. Any other ideas of how/where t raise funding would be much appreciated.


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