Hunting for unusual stones

Twelve pupils  their teacher Mrs Mason, Any Summers ( Head Highland Ranger) and I made a short expedition through the Culag woods at Lochinver to White beach,  a month ago we had  surveyed the litter on this beach. With a break in the stormy weather the children found 8 strange orange/yellow rocks which had been reported to me, some were almost buried in amongst the small pebbles or drifts of seaweed and one was caught between the big rocks at the top of the beach.

white beach search

Coming together we displayed our finds including samples of pebbles that making up the beach,  Andy was able to start us off on our timeline the oldest of which being the Lewisian Gneiss  at 3 billion years, Sandstone 1 billion, and Quartzite 600 million and Canis Porphyry that make up the beach normally.

   rock samples big rock all of us  listening to Andy

We returned to the school to begin looking closer at our bigger specimens and work out where they might fit into our future  timeline. I will resume my  quest tomorrow with pupils at Achiltibuie Primary school.

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