Resuming my search for the oranges

Arriving back on the  west coast this afternoon I headed straight for  a beach on Loch Broom, to see if I could spot one of the  oranges I had launched back in October . I quickly began to  understand  how the oranges may well not be found as the on set of  wild weather and high tides in  the last four weeks had driven massive mounds of seaweed up  onto the beach, which could quite easily contain many of the oranges which might never be found. Thankfully if the  oranges are in there they will rot down.

Checking Rhue beach for oranges  cal proud of her find  new stone on rhue beach

My dog Cal is a great companion to have around while surveying the beach litter  and  today she joined me on Rhue Beach in my twilight  hunt for  oranges, no oranges were found  but she decided to sit down close to what looks to be one of the strange stones recently reported to me this week.  The  orange  coloured cobble stone is now tagged with its co-ordinates and will to be taken to the   A.T.S*  temporary laboratory for analysis later this week .

* An Talla Solais    Market St    Ullapool

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