It may not be broken yet but….

………when you see photographs such as these of floating debris from the Tsunami which were taken along the  west coast of America this year, you realise the massive negative impact on the seas that one  devastating event can  have .

110313-N-5503T-176    dock_removal

Reports from the Oregon suggest that while no one knows how much of the new debris they are seeing  is from the Tsunami, ‘groups have  held four times as many cleanups, collecting five times as much trash . Some beaches, especially on the north coast, are seeing a larger-than-normal amount of small plastics bits along the wrack line . Ocean currents are fickle and complex, so some beaches have seen very little debris.

‘On the other hand,sealed metal containers, construction lumber, telegraph poles, a 180+ ton dock, no fewer than five 15-20’ fiberglass boats, and two pieces of a sacred Shinto gate called a tori came ashore since June 2012.’

Most of it will never reach the shore ,it will instead get trapped in a large, circular ocean current between the US mainland and Hawaii, every storm has the potential to bring more of it onshore in 2013 and beyond.The following model show the

tsunami debris map  divingdeeper_marinedebris

Marine Debris Program NOAA has mapped all marine debris sightings reported to as possible tsunami debris, using NOAA’s ERMA® tool.

Confirmed sightings (red triangle) indicate objects that were identified and definitively traced back to the tsunami impact area.

Potential sightings (yellow circle) indicate objects that may be linked to the tsunami, based on location, type, and markings, but that may not have the unique identifiers necessary, such as a serial number or contact information, to confirm its origin.

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