littoral: beginnings

This blog is my way of recording the ideas, process and outcomes of my art-science project littoral, in which I will be examining and mapping beach litter with students and volunteers in coastal communities.  I welcome everyone who reads the blog to comment on what is posted adding their own experiences of beach litter and beaches to investigate in future with the hope that everyone who becomes involved will send images and information to add to the site.

littoral.sci-art project

The aim of the littoral project is to increase litter awareness and highlight its impact on the coastal and inland marine environment. The project title comes from littoral zone, the area between the low and high tide water marks this is where I will be looking for litter.

I will be mapping my findings and making artworks that encourage us to think about the issues and encourage people to help clean and take care of our marine environment.

“This project is my response to my fear of drowning in litter which I am increasingly experiencing when visiting beaches around our coast. High-tide lines are often marked not by seaweed but by a tangle of man-made materials dropped or washed up. Even on beaches which look clean, if you look closely between the stones or grains of sand we find cigarette ends, plastic pellets and fibres”.