littoral:sci-art project

I will begin to research and develop the project in Ullapool from the 16th September for three weeks. My studio base will be in An Talla Solais and I will be working with Ullapool High School students to survey and catalogue the litter on local beaches. Together we will examine the materials, trace their origins, discover how long they are likely to exist in the sea (many types of plastic do not biodegrade) and discuss the implications for our environment.  I will be mapping  findings and making artworks that encourage us to think about the issues and encourage people to help clean and take care of our marine environment.

Examining beach litter in Wester Ross

Examining beach litter in Wester Ross

While in Ullapool and Wester Ross I also want to meet as many people as possible who might like to help with the project –

·         sharing their knowledge of local beaches anywhere between Gruinard Bay and Loch Invor.

·         particular local litter issues, existing litter initiatives,

·         beach survey volunteers

·         places willing to host small artworks in October. Ideal places are shops, cafes, notice boards, waiting places.

All ideas welcome, please leave a message below or contact me on 07977997605

Please call in to meet me at An Talla Solais, I will be running relief printing workshops to document what we find on the beaches on Saturday 28th September between 2-4pm everyone is welcome and I will be happy to tell you more about the project and I look forward to meeting you all



2 thoughts on “Ullapool

  1. Hi there,
    I’m contacting you from Macduff Marine Aquarium, we were given a few of your Guide to Beach Litter pamphlets and I was hoping to acquire some more. We are having a special event this weekend in which we have a local artists making a sculpture from beach litter and also a workshop for kids to make jellyfish from empty juice bottles. I thought your Guide to Beach Litter would be a great addition. I would also be really keen for the aquarium to be involved in the project in some way. If this is something you would be interested in please let me know.

    • Hi Marie , sorry I didnt pick your message up in time to send you copies of the Guide to Beach litter. Let me know the number you would like & I will post ( £3 each plus £1 P &P per 2 copies ) Thereis discount on ordering multiple copies . e mail me your order via littoralartproject@btinternet.com
      I am hoping to work with the KIMO representative next year in MacDuff. I will update you after my Holyrood Event . Regards Julia

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