I am a visual artist and I make installations, sculptures and prints. My work often has a theatrical element while relating in some way to the natural environment.  I hate waste and I am passionate about reusing and recycling materials.  I enjoy exploring new methods and techniques of making work appropriate to my inspiration and the results can be at once both playful and serious. Last year I began performing with a mobile plant made exclusively from recycled junk.

 I have made works in the UK and internationally in galleries, on the streets, in gardens, on a bridge even in a decommissioned jail. My previous projects have received funding from the Arts Council England, local councils, colleges and private industry.

Please go to my website to see more.  A small selection of previous  project images are shown below.

3.Heavy Plant Crossing 2.Expanding Ideas J Barton

Installation on the Swing bridge, Newcastle Upon Tyne 2011

Installation on the Swing bridge, Newcastle Upon Tyne 2011

Greenfield summary J Barton

3 thoughts on “Artist

  1. I am writing to you because I am working on my MA final thesis on artists using marine plastics.
    It would be very useful and extremely interesting for my work if you could answer a brief questionnaire concerning your inspiration, working methods and environmental engagement.
    I am an art student at Aalto University in Helsinki and am at present working on my final thesis which is centered on contemporary artists using plastic retrieved from the sea.
    I hope you will answer favorably to my request.

    Kind regards
    Julia Ganotis

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